Telegraph Cartoon, 8th July 2017

Plans to erect a statue of Margaret Thatcher in Parliament Square are cancelled amid fears that it would be vandalised. Theresa May states that the statue should go ahead while she continues to fight off opposition from her own cabinet members.

Telegraph Cartoon, 25th June 2017

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, hundreds of residents are evacuated from similar tower blocks judged to be equally unsafe. Theresa May continues to come under pressure from her own party after losing their majority in the General Election.

Father's Days At Sea

I created an illustrated video about our first family holiday. It follows on from 'Father's Days', which I made in 2015, the critically acclaimed video about the birth of my daughter, Poppy. Due to Poppy's many additional needs, we were very nervous about taking her abroad but eventually decided to face our fears and go for it. The results were both amusing and up-lifting. 

Telegraph Cartoon 11th June 2017

Theresa May returned to Downing Street after her disastrous election result and delivered a defiant (and somewhat delusional) speech ending with the words "Let's get to work". There were already calls for her to resign and rumours of potential leadership challengers ready to strike. These included Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson.

Telegraph Cartoon, 10th June 2017

The conservatives hoped to win a huge majority by calling the snap general election. Instead, they lost 13 seats and created a hung parliament. At 12:30 on 9th June, Mrs May went to visit The Queen, her stature and reputation badly damaged.

Election night sketch

I drew this on election night when the news of the exit poll hit the fan, so to speak. Theresa May's bizarre anecdote about running through fields of wheat seemed a perfect image to represent how much she would regret calling the election.