Bob Moran is an award-winning cartoonist. He has worked for The Daily Telegraph since 2011. In 2017, Bob was named Political Cartoonist of the Year by the Cartoon Arts Trust and in 2018 became The Telegraph's lead cartoonist. 

At school, Bob spent most of his time cartooning teachers who would either shake his hand or put him in detention. He went on to study Illustration at University College Falmouth. Bob worked for three years as a freelance illustrator, occasionally cartooning for The Morning Star and Guardian newspapers, before having his first cartoon published in The Telegraph on April Fool's Day 2011. Bob has enjoyed getting to know the Telegraph readership over the past seven years and likes hearing their feedback on his work. His cartoons are produced the 'old-fashioned' way, using ink and watercolour. This means that the original artworks are available to adorn the walls of people's downstairs loos. Notable owners of Bob's work include The late David Bowie and Nigel Farage. People are often surprised to discover that Bob is not a slightly overweight, greying middle-aged man. Although he's only 32 years old, those people should rest assured that Bob often feels about 59.

Bob lives in Somerset with his wife and two children. He has produced two animated short films for The Telegraph about his experiences of fatherhood. 'Father's Days' (2015) was shortlisted for a World Illustration Award by the AOI and was an Honoree at the 2016 Webby Awards. It has since been translated into several different languages and has been shown at medical conferences around the world. 'Father's Days At Sea' (2017) was awarded Travel Story of the Year by the Foreign Press Association. Bob is proud to be an ambassador for Baby Lifeline's Monitoring For Mums appeal.