Telegraph Cartoon 11th June 2017

Theresa May returned to Downing Street after her disastrous election result and delivered a defiant (and somewhat delusional) speech ending with the words "Let's get to work". There were already calls for her to resign and rumours of potential leadership challengers ready to strike. These included Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson.

Telegraph Cartoon, 10th June 2017

The conservatives hoped to win a huge majority by calling the snap general election. Instead, they lost 13 seats and created a hung parliament. At 12:30 on 9th June, Mrs May went to visit The Queen, her stature and reputation badly damaged.

Election night sketch

I drew this on election night when the news of the exit poll hit the fan, so to speak. Theresa May's bizarre anecdote about running through fields of wheat seemed a perfect image to represent how much she would regret calling the election.

Telegraph Cartoon, 21st May 2017

Following the revelation that MI5 opened a file on Jeremy Corbyn's links with the IRA, new information surfaces about his ties to antisemitism groups. Are the British electorate willing to overlook his past affiliations?

Telegraph Cartoon, 30th April 2017

90,000 boxing fans flock to Wembley stadium to watch British heavyweight Anthony Joshua fight seasoned champion Wladimir Klitschko. EU leaders meet to decide a strategy for negotiating Britain's exit from the union, suggesting that the UK might have to agree to pay the enormous bill before talks can even begin.

Telegraph cartoon, 29th April 2017

Paul Nuttall launches UKIP's election campaign amid allegations that the party is racist. Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, has had to clarify that he does not think gay sex is a sin. Jeremy Corbyn has had to clarify that he does, in fact, want to be Prime Minister.

Telegraph Cartoon, 23rd April 2017

The Conservatives suggest that they are planning to raise taxes if they win the general election. Although this will shock many traditional Tory supporters, it may not seem that extreme next to what Corbyn's Labour party has in store.

Telegraph Cartoon, 16th April 2017

Kim-Jong Un threatens nuclear war with the United States as he parades his supposed arsenal in Pyongyang. Experts suggest that the real reason behind it all is North Korea's longing to be taken seriously by other nations. Some also speculate that the missiles being paraded may be wooden models.