Telegraph Cartoon, 23rd April 2017

The Conservatives suggest that they are planning to raise taxes if they win the general election. Although this will shock many traditional Tory supporters, it may not seem that extreme next to what Corbyn's Labour party has in store.

Telegraph Cartoon, 16th April 2017

Kim-Jong Un threatens nuclear war with the United States as he parades his supposed arsenal in Pyongyang. Experts suggest that the real reason behind it all is North Korea's longing to be taken seriously by other nations. Some also speculate that the missiles being paraded may be wooden models.

Telegraph Cartoon, 9th April 2017

Donald Trump launches a missile attack on a Syrian airbase in response to President Assad's use of chemical weapons on children. Having supposedly aided Trump's election victory and as a long-standing ally of Assad, Vladimir Putin finds himself in an awkward position.

Telegraph Cartoon, 12th March 2017

The BBC news interview that inspired this cartoon was one of the funniest things I had seen for a long time. I think most people who have seen the clip (and very few haven't) would agree with that. But its popularity wasn't just down to how funny it was; At a moment in history defined by how divided we are, it reminded us that we're all similarly imperfect, unscripted human beings. One of my favourite things about the clip is the way in which Professor Kelly tries so desperately to maintain his professional conduct during the interruption, but eventually can't help but succumb to the hilarity of the situation. We all spend much of our adult lives pretending to be more serious and important than we actually are. And that's truer of our politicians than anyone else. Professor Kelly's children reminded all of us to lighten up a bit. The mission statement of a political cartoonist needn't be any more complicated than that.

During an interview with BBC news about the impeachment of the South Korean president, Professor Robert Kelly's home office was invaded by his two young children. The hilarious footage went viral online. In politics, Theresa May's extended honeymoon period as Prime Minister had clearly come to an end as criticism of Philip Hammond's budget continued and questions over her negotiating strategy with the EU remained unanswered.

Telegraph Cartoon, 26th February 2017

The 89th Academy Awards takes place in Los Angeles, where it is expected that many celebrities will voice their opposition to Donald Trump. In the UK, the Labour party reaches a new low under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as it loses the Copeland by-election to the Conservatives.

Telegraph Cartoon, 19th February 2017

Tony Blair announces his intentions to stop Brexit from happening and give the British people an opportunity to reconsider their decision to leave the EU. The timing of his intervention was not deemed wise as it coincided with the Stoke and Copeland by-elections which Labour were hoping to win. Many potential labour voters would have been put off by the sight of the pious, pompous and self-adulating Blair.