Telegraph Cartoon, 19th February 2017

Tony Blair announces his intentions to stop Brexit from happening and give the British people an opportunity to reconsider their decision to leave the EU. The timing of his intervention was not deemed wise as it coincided with the Stoke and Copeland by-elections which Labour were hoping to win. Many potential labour voters would have been put off by the sight of the pious, pompous and self-adulating Blair.

Telegraph Cartoon, 5th February 2017

In Britain, it is revealed that security staff have been bribed by criminals to fit ankle tags too loosely so that they can be easily removed. In America, Donald Trump's travel ban is blocked by a District Court judge as the president suggests that he will proceed with the ban regardless.

Telegraph Cartoon, 3rd February

Beyonce announces that she is pregnant with twins by posting a photograph on Instagram of herself wearing a bra, pants and green veil, kneeling in front of a huge wreath of roses. Meanwhile, the labour party is deeply divided over support for brexit. 

Telegraph Cartoon, 29th January 2017

Theresa May is the first world leader to meet with president Trump in Washington. The pair are photographed holding hands at the White House. The following day, Trump is due to telephone Vladimir Putin to discuss lifting US sanctions on Russia and improving relations between the two countries.